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About Lune

Lune is unique; designed to inspire a commitment to precision in each exquisite detail, during every stage of the croissant-making process.

Lune is not a shop, nor is it a factory. It is a celebration of the creation, complexity and ultimate enjoyment of a croissant.

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We strive for
nothing less than

The People

Kate Reid, Director
Founder of Lune, June 2012
Ex Formula 1 Aerodynamicist

Cameron Reid, Director
Joined Lune in December 2013
Lifetime industry professional and hospitality entrepreneur

Nathan Toleman, Director
Joined Lune in September 2014
Leading Melbourne café entrepreneur



L U N E C R O I S S A N T E R I E 2018

It’s an
experience we
invite you to
come and share
with us.